BLOCKBUSTERIt’s the end of an era… and who better to discuss such a thing as someone who spent two years employed by Blockbuster (that would be Pat) and someone who spent roughly two years’ wages at Blockbuster (that would be Justin!)…

In this episode, Pat and Justin eulogize the video rental store behemoth that has now officially gone out of business. What does this mean for the rental business? Is Netflix really the end-all and be-all of home viewing entertainment? And what type of trouble did Manager Pat get into when HE used to work for Blockbuster?

All of that plus the guys briefly discuss Pat’s viewing of Thor: The Dark World and get into the news about franchise-shifting directors being hired for both Star Trek and the next Bourne film. Also, Justin kicks and screams some more about Horrible Bosses 2. Trailers covered this week include A Winter’s Tale and The Raid 2.

You can find us on iTunes by searching “ramblingramblers” (one word) or via Podomatic, via the link below. Our opening song is from the amazing John Butler Trio. Check them out!

We hope you enjoy!



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