You’re either gonna LOVE this episode… or you’re gonna HATE it. There is no in-between!

We’re gonna let you decide…

Justin and Pat tackle a huge topic in what becomes the greatest podcast ever recorded. Or the worst. But definitely not somewhere in the middle…

The guys cover hyperbole in film reviewing and what it means to say a universally loved new release has – gasp – flaws! They also discuss Pat’s hatred for the overuse of the word “masterpiece” and what actually might deserve that title.

They also put a nice bow on the whole Charlie Hunnam 50 Shades news and discuss the future of franchises involving Bruce Campbell and Tim Burton. Trailers covered this week include Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, the Red-Band trailer for That Awkward Moment and the spin-off horror film, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

You can find us on iTunes by searching “ramblingramblers” (one word) or via Podomatic, via the link below. Our opening song is from the amazing John Butler Trio. Check them out!

We hope you enjoy!



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